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What is CORE?

 CORE is not a medical device – no MedCE certification available – CORE is a consumer sports wearable device

The CORE sensor is the only wearable, non-invasive, continuous, and accurate core body temperature monitoring solution. When you get hot, your performance drops. The easy-to-use sensor delivers real-time data so that you can train and race better.

Technical details

The innovative sensor technology is integrated into the compact and waterproof unit that can be comfortably worn during sports activities, at work, or all day long..

Compact Size: 40 mm width x 50 mm height x 8.35 mm depth

Weight: 12 grams

Provides medical-grade accuracy (based on ISO_80601-2-56, Mean Absolute Deviation of 0.21 °C)

Non-invasive (worn on the chest)

Not impacted by environment thermal influences

Battery life: 6 days continuous transmission time (up to 6 weeks with sleep mode)

Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (USB charging cable supplied)

In addition:

  • Waterproof up to 1.5m (IPX7)
  • Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ Connectivity
  • Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ Connectivity

CORE includes:

  • CORE sensor
  • CORE includes
  • 6 medical-grade adhesive patches
  • Clips to secure the sensor
  • Guide to setup CORE iOS / Android App
  • Connectivité sans fil

Wearing the CORE sensor

The CORE sensor is typically worn on the side of the chest in a consistent position.
For sports, the CORE sensor should be paired to a heart rate monitor for the best results during sports activities. It can be fastened to the heart rate monitor strap (or a sports bra) and secured with the provided clips. For runners, the medical grade sports adhesive patches can be used to stick the CORE securely to the skin.

For everyday activity, the medical-grade adhesive patches can be used. The disposable ‘sticky patches’ can be re-ordered as needed.


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