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D-Heart, Portable ECG Device

8/12-Lead Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor for Patients and Doctors | Portable Electrocardiograph Compatible with IOS And Android (60 Electrodes)
  • YOUR 12-Lead PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE ECG: D-Heart is a professional portable electrocardiograph for 8- and 12-lead electrocardiograms. Basic recording is at 8 channels, but you can also record at 12 channels by moving the electrode from V3 to V4, V6, V1, V5! With artificial intelligence, we guide you to the correct electrode positioning by showing you an image of your chest with virtual electrode marks on your device.
  • EASIER TO USE FOR YOU: D-Heart is the first portable ECG device for smartphones that is easy to use and clinically reliable. It enables anyone to carry out a hospital ECG in total autonomy and send the results to the 24/7 telematics service or to their consulting physician. D-Heart weighs less than a smartphone, recharges when placed in its case (60 electrodes are included) and lets you monitor the health of your heart!
  • EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES FOR YOU AND YOUR PROFESSIONAL: For proper use of the D-Heart professional portable ECG monitor, you don’t need a bed – the patient can remain seated. Can also be used by any non-medical healthcare professional. Application updated to GDPR, made in Italy, assistance within 24 hours, hospital quality at half the price thanks to its innovative technology, extreme portability, never need sockets again.
  • CERTIFIED PROCESSES AND DETAILED CONTROL: We focus on the quality and safety of our products using the highest quality standards. The processing of personal data for marketing communications purposes and the transfer and/or communication of data to third parties to companies active in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, body care, sports and leisure sectors are OPTIONAL.
  • DESIGN FRUIT OF OUR PASSIONATE RESEARCH: The D-Heart professional portable ECG monitor has won awards for best design product (Compasso d’Oro award in 2020) and best user experience (Reddot and ADI Design award in 2018). D-Heart costs 5 times less than a professional hospital electrocardiograph, guarantees the same clinical standard and has maximum compatibility with android and IOS tablets and smartphones.
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