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Discover your menstrual cycle – and your fertility!


Daysy empowers you to understand your menstrual cycle. Daysy distinguishes between non-fertile and fertile days with an accuracy of over 99%.

Your Daysy Fertility Tracker:

    • Easy to use
    • No previous know-how needed
    • Free app and free partner app
    • Lifetime support
    • 2 years warranty
    • One time payment – no subscription
    • No hidden costs
    • Free shipping


What Daysy is :

Daysy is an eaccurate and science-based method which allows you to easily, reliably, and precisely differentiate between your fertile and non-fertile phases, based on the precise measurement of your basal body temperature.

What Daysy does :

Every morning, upon waking, you measure your basal body temperature under your tongue for just 60 seconds and enter menstruation if necessary. Daysy immediately analyzes your cycle data and shows you if you are in your fertile window or not.

How to use Daysy :

Chaque matin, au réveil, vous mesurez la température basale de votre corps sous votre langue pendant seulement 60 secondes et renseignes si nécessaire les règles.  Daysy analyse immédiatement les données de votre cycle et indique si vous vous trouvez ou non dans une fenêtre de fertilité.

Comment utiliser Daysy

Why you can rely on Daysy :

Due to an intelligent algorithm based on scientific evidence, decades of experience, and well-engineered technology, Daysy provides the highest quality, reliability, and precision in fertility tracking.

How Daysy informs you :

Daysy shows you your fertility status as either a red or a green light. This way, you always know when you are in your fertile window and when you are not. This technology-based temperature method, used by Daysy, is one of the most reliable methods in the world for fertility tracking.

Daysy has her own app :

The DaysyDay app makes Daysy compatible with smartphones and thus offers new options for digitally expanding your knowledge of your unique menstrual cycle and body. DaysyDay also gives you the ability to share your information with your partner, doctor, or our expert team.

In addition to displaying your individual cycle calendar and temperature curve, DaysyDay shows you a range of statistics about your menstrual cycle. You will see a prognosis for your fertility status over the coming weeks so you can plan ahead.

This is what has convinced thousands of Daysy users :
  • Distinguish fertile from non-fertile days with over 99% accuracy
  • Certified medical device, developed by medical professionals
  • Experts who are also available by phone and email to answer your questions
  • Family-owned company with over 40 years of experience in fertility tracking
  • Made in Europe
  • 99% of our current Daysy users would recommend Daysy to a friend
Daysy highlights :
  • Daysy is perfectly simple and straightforward.
    Take your basal body temperature in just about 60 seconds, enter menstruation when necessary, and Daysy will indicate the days when you’re fertile and the days when you’re not.
  • Daysy is reliable and precise.
    With well-engineered technology and an intelligent algorithm, Daysy guarantees top quality and reliability – in a completely natural way. Be in touch with your body.
  • Daysy has its own app.
    With “DaysyDay,” you can view the details of your cycle and can share these with your partner, doctor, and our team of experts.

#LoveYourBody – Daysy is all natural and empowers you to live in harmony with your body.


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